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A brief facts is given for the most results of THEOREM 1: A unital in PG(2,q) is classical if and provided that it's preserved via a cyclic linear collineation workforce of order q-sqrt(q)+1

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For u' 2 5, autodetachment occurs. The lifetimes toward this have been measured by Hefter et al. (1983). 0189 Source: After Mead et al. (1985). Note: Except for T,, which is in eV, and re, which is in A, the constants are in wave numbers. David R. 017 - Source: a is from Zeitz et al. (1979); b is from Rosmus and Werner (1984). Note: Except for T,, which is in eV, and re, which is in A, the constants are in wave numbers. decrease sharply as u' is increased and for u' 2 6 are much shorter than the radiative lifetimes.

30 David R. Bates calculated by Lauderdale et al. (1983) by the CSCF method. , 1989). Azria et al. (1982, 1988) have discussed the low-energy Cl; and I; resonance states. Nimlos et al. 012 eV. As an aid to understanding their spectrum, they carried out MCSCF calculations. These give that the D 'nu state of Si, (cJ Huber and Herzberg, 1979) is only slightly above the X 3C; state and that the and states of Si; are nearly degenerate. 016 eV. A photoelectron spectroscopy study of P; by Snodgrass et al.

1975a); Al-Za'al et al. (1987); Schulz et al. (1982); Karo et al. (1978); Frenking and Koch (1986); 'Ortiz (1987a); 'Rosmus and Meyer (1978); Kalcher and Janoschek (1986); j Kasdan et al. (1975b); 'Zittel and Lineberger (1976); Janousek and Brauman (1981); " Olson and Liu (1980); " Lewerenz et al. (1983); Ortiz (1987b), q Ortiz (1988a); ' Stevens et al. (1981); ' Spence et al. (1982); 'Chapman et al. (1988); " Smyth and Brauman (1972); ' Freidho5 et al. (1986b); Stevens Miller et al. (1987); Stevens et al.

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