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Java provides three types of comments to document a program: • A single-line comment • A multiple-line comment • A documentation (or Javadoc) comment Regardless of the type of comment, they cannot be nested. The comment-start sequences (//, /*, /**) are not treated differently from other characters when occurring within comments. Single-line Comment All characters after the comment-start sequence // through to the end of the line constitute a single-line comment. // This comment ends at the end of this line.

36 CHAPTER 2: LANGUAGE FUNDAMENTALS Initializing Local Reference Variables Note that the same initialization rules that apply to local variables of primitive datatypes also apply to local reference variables. 3, the compiler complains that the local variable oneLongString in the println statement may not be initialized. Objects should be created and their state initialized appropriately (for example, in a constructor) before use. If the variable oneLongString is set to the value null, the program will compile.

E. broken into a stream of tokens for further analysis. Separators and operators help to distinguish tokens, but sometimes white space has to be inserted explicitly. For example, the identifier classRoom will be interpreted as a single token, unless white space is inserted to distinguish the keyword class from the identifier Room. 1: LANGUAGE BUILDING BLOCKS 27 White space aids not only in separating tokens, but also in formatting the program so that it is easy for humans to read. The compiler ignores the white spaces once the tokens are identified.

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