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By J. Takakusu

An advent to I-tsing's (Yijing) checklist of the Buddhist faith as practised in India and the Malay Archipelago (A.D. 671-695)
The written files of his 25-year travels contributed to the worldknowledge of the traditional state of Srivijaya, in addition to delivering information regarding the opposite kingdoms mendacity at the path among China and the Nālandā Buddhist college in India.

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If I live long enough (to see you return), it will be my joy to witness you transmitting the Light. Go without hesitation j do not look back upon things left behind. I certainly approve of your pilgrimage to the holy places. Moreover it is a most important duty to strive for the pros­ perity of Religion. Rest clear from doubt ! ' 2 On the eve of my departure, I went to the tomb of my master (Shan-yli) to worship and to take leave. At that time, the trees around the tomb (though) i njured by frost had already grown so much that each tree would take one hand to span it 3, and wild grasses had filled the graveyard.

96) . This may be H illen Thsang's Nalikera-dvlpa (Co�oa-nut Island), as Yule thinks. 3 Yule, Marco Polo, vol. ii, chap. xii, p. 2 89 ; he says (p. 2 9 1) : ' The natives now do not go quite naked ; the men wear a narrow cloth, the women a grass girdle. ' NO TES ON GE O GRA PHICA L NA AIES. xxxix The above two accounts as well as I-tsing's certainly refer to one and the same island, though the latter does not mention any name for it. It seems to have passed under the name of ' Lo-jell-kuo,' just like ' Insulae Nudorum,' as marked in Pr-of.

Although I myself did not see (all the limits) and ascertain ( the distance), yet I know it by inquiry. Tamralipti is forty yoganas south from the eastern limit of India. There are five or six monasteries ; the people are Page 2 1 3, note I. ' III Vaisali there was a house which is said to be the room of Vimalaklrti, contemporary of the Buddha ; \Yan-hiuen-ts'e, chief envoy to Slladitya, when in Vaisall, measured the house and found that this room was ten cubits each way (Kasyapa). Hence it was afterwards known as Fan-chang ; later any room where a head priest lived was called so.

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