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Invariably I have found that GA simplifies and illuminates every subject. My 1966 book had a serious limitation. Though it simplified the fundamental equations of physics, applications required access to the great repertoire of available mathematical methods, and translation into standard formulations often destroyed the advantages of geometric algebra. This motivated me to extend geometric algebra to a unified language for mathematics that incorporated all the methods needed in physics. Besides, I must confess to an abiding interest in pure mathematics for its own sake.

It is clear that new mechanisms for curriculum reform will be needed to accelerate adoption of GA, or any other substantial reform for that matter. As an indicator of difficulties involved and prospects for success, I offer a brief account of my own experience with GA and discuss some hurdles to broad adoption. 35 A. History and reception of geometric algebra Geometric algebra originated in the work of Hermann Grassmann (1809–1877) and William Kingdon Clifford (1845–1879). Clifford provided the axiomatic formulation for the geometric product in Section VA, so the system is called Clifford algebra in most of the mathematics literature.

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